Thursday, January 25, 2007


Congratulations and Thank You!

To all the students in my Communication Classes, congratulations on finishing the semester, and thank you for the pleasure of being your teacher. I was impressed by everyone's efforts this semester to improve your communication skills and, especially, to try a completely new challenge, using blogs in English. According to our class blogging survey, this was the first time any of you had written a blog in English. You did very well!

I will continue making entries in this blog over the break. I will start a new class blog next semester. I encourage all of you to continue using your blogs. I'm very impressed that Marie at Amami 5 has continued to use her blog to write English. When I start a new class blog, I will invite you to join us. You can then help the new students to understand how to use English-language blogs, and can continue to communicate in English together.

Have a great vacation!

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Hi, John, and thanks for visiting my blog! We had a lovely snow today but not enough to give me a day off. Our basketball team, the Terrapins, managed to beat UNC by 2 points in a home game (so I know they cleared the parking lots!). Maybe my middle schooler will be lucky and have a late start. Hiromi has mentioned that Japan has had an unusually warm winter with no snow at all. EVOnline wound up today. It's been a really busy 6 weeks! Are you staying in Japan for the break, or traveling? (Where are you from originally anyway?
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